Commitment to University Rewarded


Sagium is proud to announce that on June 7, 2018 Ian Minnifee was awarded the Order of the University of Calgary.  An award conferred by President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Elizabeth Cannon and Chancellor Dr. Robert Thirsk, given to those who have a record of exemplary and distinguished service to the university.  The Sagium Family and the individuals we serve congratulate and celebrate Ian’s ongoing commitment to the community in which we live.

To read more about Ian and the Order of the University of Calgary, click here.

To watch the video of Ian accepting his Order of the U of C please click here

Also joining Ian on stage was Hayley Wickenheiser accepting her honorary degree. Ian was not only honoured to accept his Order he was equally honoured to share the stage with one of Canada’s most decorated athletes in history. To watch her accepting her honorary degree please click here