Executive Benefits

Regardless of your business size, your executive employees' wellness is essential. We understand that your business's effort to recruit, develop, and retain executive talent is extensive. The cost of losing one of your executives or not properly looking after them and their health can be just as extensive and sometimes can have negative consequences. These can include impacts on your culture and the ability of your business to develop effective mentoring and succession planning for the long term.

...your business may be missing an opportunity to implement executive wellness programs...

Frequently Asked Questions about Executive Benefits

  • What is the Best Approach to Executive Benefits?

    Although a well-defined compensation arrangement may be the best start to executive health programs, it can't be the only focus. Believe it or not, your business may be missing an opportunity to implement executive wellness programs to impact your executives in a more holistic approach. This approach will benefit the entire organization and help avoid higher turnover and compete with other corporations based on compensation alone.

  • What are Executive Health Benefits?

    The best executive wellness programs will also include executive health benefits above the typical employee benefits program. Your executives can receive higher limits on their health spending accounts and health and welfare insurance to offer a more thorough approach to their wellbeing.

  • What are Executive Medical Services?

    Executive medical services can include things like:

    • Annual Executive Physical – Much more elaborate than your annual check-up with your doctor, it can bring peace of mind to your executive and business
    • Global Medical Services – Access to enhanced global medical resources provides second opinions, identifies proper diagnosis, and can provide treatment by best-in-class specialists
    • Guaranteed Diagnostic Imaging – Results within 72 hours without being put on a lengthy waiting list
    • Wellness Memberships – Access to fitness clubs and personal training ensures your executives are in good physical health
  • What are Additional Benefits I Can Offer?

    • Executive financial planning services
    • Special wealth management options
    • Retirement compensation agreements 
    • Supplementary executive retirement plans

Tailor your perfect executive health program

The best executive wellness programs will cover many benefits and can be customized to fit the needs of your organization and executives. Most programs can be layered to start with a specific type of executive health program or medical service and build on to the program as needed over time.

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