Medical Access

Today, we have access to new products and innovative services like never before. From social media and the internet to approximately 100,000 flights taking off around the globe daily, we are more connected to the rest of the world than we have ever been. It may have you thinking: if we can communicate with nearly anybody through our phones or fly to almost any airport, why are we restricted to Canada many services, including our public healthcare?

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  • International

    Do you want more control over your health care options? Often, you may find yourself waiting in lengthy lines to see a specialist and get the treatment you deserve.  If you’re looking for a way to access treatments outside of Canada, whether it is down south or overseas, International Medical Insurance is your solution.

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  • Travel

    Booking confirmed – two words that, when combined, never get old. Whether you’re jetting off to your favourite beach destination to avoid the Canadian winter or over to Asia for a business seminar, it is essential that you have insurance to cover any unexpected medical expenses while abroad.

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  • Private Primary

    As a Canadian resident, you have access to public health care covering medically necessary health care services. However, you may find yourself spending time waiting for specialists, appointments or not receiving the level of care you want. Also known as VIP Health Care or  Executive Health Care, Private Primary Care is gaining popularity among the Canadian public.  

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    Access to pharmaceuticals

    Access Travel Care

    If you want access to top medical care outside of Canada or your public system, speak with one of our Wealth Strategist’s today.

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