WEBINAR: Operating From the Future: Robotic Surgery with Dr. Rene Sotelo

January 27, 2022
Operating From the Future: Robotic Surgery Featuring Dr. Rene Sotelo of USC Keck School of Medicine Hosted by our own Greg Guderyan, your group and health benefits expert Brought to you in partnership with VUMI® Canada - International health insurance with worldwide coverage and VIP medical services

When it comes to you and your family's health, fast access to the best medical care matters now more than ever. In this webinar, we spoke with Dr. Rene Sotelo of the Keck School of Medicine of USC as he took us through the groundbreaking advancements in Robotic Surgery.

The advancements in medical technology and treatments across the globe are making a significant impact on how certain conditions and diseases are diagnosed, treated, and prevented. Sagium has relationships with organizations like VUMI® Canada who provide access to new medical technologies not yet available in Canada, such as certain cancer drugs and biological treatments already in use in the United States. As a Canadian, having access to experts and treatments at the right time can be crucial. Often, we may spend more time in line than in treatment. International health insurance plans are available to Canadians seeking to upgrade their healthcare options locally, in the U.S., and worldwide.

One breakthrough treatment that is changing medicine is Robotic Surgery. One of the most expert and experienced laparoscopic/robotic surgeons is Dr. Rene Sotelo of USC's Keck School of Medicine. In addition to being a pioneer in robotic surgery in urology, benign prostate enlargement, and inguinal lymphadenectomy for cancer, Dr. Sotelo has helped to devise the single-port "belly-button" and natural orifice surgical concept. Having handled more than 2,300 cases personally and being a recipient of over 30 awards, Professor Sotelo is among the most experienced laparoscopic and robotic surgeons globally. We are very pleased to have welcomed Dr. Sotelo to our webinar to educate us on the advancements in robotic surgery and to demonstrate how Canadians can access experts like him.

Let us help get you out of line and into care.

Greg Guderyan

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