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You want to grow your net worth, and you are looking for a Financial Planner to assist with those needs. A Financial Planner can help you grow your net worth while looking at the proper diversification of your assets, tax efficiencies, effective use of government programs, and ensuring that your goals and visions align with your financial plan.

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Call it tax efficiency or optimization, it will make more of a difference than almost anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is tax planning?

    Tax planning can be done in different ways. In short, it is a process that helps you reduce the amount of taxes you owe at the end of each year or when you sell certain assets. When you put a plan in place for your taxes, it can prevent any unexpected tax burdens resulting from poor tax planning.

  • What tools are available to help me with tax mitigation?

    Specific tools are available that can help with tax mitigation, such as: 

    • RRSP’s
    • RESP’s
    • IPP’s
    • Pension Plans
    • TFSA’s
    • Home Buyers Plans 
    • RSDP’s 
    • Life-Long Learn Plans 
    • Health Care Spending Accounts 
    • Life Insurance 
    • Designation of Principle Residence 

    These are just a few tools that can help you with tax mitigation. However, it can get confusing with so many options if you don’t have the time or expertise to understand all these programs. Make sure that your financial plan is tax-efficient and will allow you to reach your financial goals. It is essential to use a Financial Planner to find out which strategies may benefit you most.

  • Why do I need a Financial Planner?

    One daunting aspect of tax planning and optimization is that current tax laws and strategies that are in place today may not be the same in the future. You, your financial planner, and your accountant must stay current with the rules that will benefit your financial plan and react to new changes and tax rules.

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