Creating clarity from complexity

The puzzle presents itself. An end state is too far to perceive. Potential pitfalls and obstacles do not self-identify.

The path is never linear, yet there is a way through both the expected and the unknown. It requires tactful navigation and high trust. These days, such qualities are harder to come by in an industry ripe with conflicts and self-interest. Consider us part navigator and part confidant. We appreciate you will need to wait a bit. We all know trust is built and earned, not written and expected.

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Enjoy your wealth on the things most important to you.

We help create peace of mind for our clients where life intersects wealth. We help people enjoy their wealth on the things most important to them.

Rick Green

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Founded by frustration

Meet Rick and John

Their focus on client outcomes and community impact fueled their purpose. Experience and expertise grounded their process. Apparently, that commitment was quite contagious. 


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