Living Benefits

Knock on wood, but sometimes, things can go wrong, and we need some help to keep us going. Living benefits can support you if you get sick or injured and can no longer keep working. These benefits give you the resources and financial support, allowing you the time to get healthy and ‘right the ship.’ Living benefits also help support your family and reduce their stress when you have had a significant health challenge that has impaired you somehow. 

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  • Critical Illness 

    Critical illness insurance can provide you with a lump payment in a critical event or illness. This insurance can help you with additional funding to reduce stress and focus on getting healthy.

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  • Disability Income Insurance

    Suppose you suffer an accident or illness that leaves you unable to do your job. In that case, disability income insurance provides you coverage and secure payment for some or all of your working income.

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Living Benefits Advisors

Better benefits at a lower cost

Other auxiliary benefits are available through group plans which may also supplement your support system in the event of health challenges that reduce or eliminate your ability to keep working.

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