What you need to know: Travel coverage and group benefits

October 15, 2021
With Travel top of mind, do you know what kind of coverage you have with your group benefits?

It has been almost two years since travel came to a halt. With normal life around the corner, many of us are beginning to catch the travel bug. However, jetting off to a holiday destination calls for travel insurance. With Travel top of mind, do you know what kind of coverage you have with your group benefits?

Employee Benefits typically include Travel Insurance as part of the Extended Healthcare coverage. The coverage intends to protect you and your eligible dependents from potentially significant medical expenses associated with emergency treatment while travelling outside of your home province.   

Travel Insurance is important coverage, but the average plan member doesn’t always read the fine print to fully understand their coverage. Before you travel you should know:   

  • Eligibility – Do you have this coverage as part of your plan and who is eligible?
  • Trip Duration – How many days can you be gone for before coverage ends?
  • Stability Clause - Coverage may not be available to plan members who have had a change in health within a specified period of time leading up to the trip (typically 3 months).
  • COVID-19 Coverage - Essential travel vs non-essential travel and government advisories.

Typically, group plans only cover emergency medical coverage. You may still need to purchase trip interruption, baggage loss, or additional top-up coverage if your trip exceeds the maximum trip duration on the plan.

When in doubt, reach out to your carrier to confirm coverage and trip plans. This is not mandatory but can give you peace of mind to know what you are covered for. Travellers should continue to check the Canadian government’s travel advisories regularly.

If you're in need of additional travel insurance, reach out to one of our experts today!

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