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Managing an estate is a profoundly delicate endeavour fraught with uncertainty, inequality, and conflict. 

Inheritance inequalities and individual taxation will muddy even the most durable families. Estate planning requires personalized guidance and taxation expertise. Successfully planning your future affairs is the culmination of balancing your goals with the difficult decisions that truly impact what matters.


  • Charitable Giving Planning

    Have you ever wondered how you can give back to your community in an impactful way? As you plan for your estate, including a charitable giving component can be advantageous in minimizing the reduction of your wealth due to taxes.

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  • Wealth Transfer Planning

    You have worked hard and been smart in both your business and personal life. Over the years, you have accumulated significant assets - more than you will ever utilize in your lifetime.

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  • Life Insurance

    Eventually, all of us will have to have our estate settled. Whether small or large, there is planning that needs to take place for your estate. Life insurance can play an essential part in your planning process.

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  • Trust Planning

    Do you often wonder whether you should establish a Trust? Have friends or colleagues mentioned that they have a Family Trust? Or maybe you heard someone on the radio talking about trusts as a way to “protect money from tax.”

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What I don't know, but should?

The process of estate planning can involve many aspects of your life. Once you pass on, and after paying any debts, funeral expenses, taxes, fees, or other expenses, you may be interested in engaging in a more meaningful, legacy planning process to leave your mark on society.

For clients that have built up a significant amount of wealth in their lifetime, they want to make sure it is respected and it is treated responsibly.

John Guderyan, Sagium

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You might hear us say this again, but creating wealth is just the beginning.

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You have three choices for your assets: family, charity or CRA. Pick two.

A well-thought-out estate plan takes a broad perspective and focuses on preserving your wealth while incorporating strategies and tools to minimize the impact of taxes now and for your family.

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