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  • Tax

    Tax Talk: Year End Planning

    As we look at focusing on the changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax in Canada, gain valuable insights into effectively navigating the evolving tax landscape.

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  • Breaking the Bias: Women in Finance

    International Women's Day is a day to reflect and imagine a world free of gender bias, discrimination, and stereotypes. This day allows us to celebrate the achievements of women while also striving for gender parity. According to a recent study by Osler, approximately 23% of executives in the financial services industry in 2021 were women.

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  • Tis' the Season of Giving

    The season of giving is upon us, and like many individuals, you may be beginning to think of causes that are important to you or how you’d like to give back this holiday season.

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  • Health

    Enhancing Your Health Care

    Maybe it is time to realize that, like retirement and transportation, great health care is just as much our responsibility as it is the governments.

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  • Text reading 'Sequence Risk: Let's talk about your retirement' next to a white-gold vector on a white-grey background.

    How Does Sequence Risk Impact Your Retirement?

    It’s finally here. After years of saving, planning, and dreaming, your retirement is just around the corner. Maybe you've already begun withdrawing your retirement savings, or maybe you’re just about to. Either way, we need to talk about the potential impact of sequence risk (also known as sequence of return risk) on your retirement savings.

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  • A sheet of ice rips in two on a frozen bed, with the text 'Planning Pressure? We have the tools' overlaid in gold.

    Planning for Your Corporate Taxes

    You work hard for your money (cue Donna Summer). You’ve been smart and built a team of advisors, some of whom have helped you to incorporate your business. Incorporating your business can provide immediate tax relief, a layer of creditor protection, and may also allow for your business to succeed well into the future. But with success comes the question: What do you do with your growing cash?

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  • Text reading 'Estate Planning Concerns? Let's talk about the tools' next to an image of wires hanging from nails in the walls.

    Estate Planning in the Post COVID Tax World

    A carefully drafted or updated will is crucial to make sure you accomplish your Estate goals, but it is only one tool in the kit! Spending time with a trusted advisor to adequately discover your goals and build out your family vision is a necessity. The best time to start planning and create the efficiencies and peace of mind is now.

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  • Understanding Your RESP

    September always brings about a feeling of re-set or renewal; it means back to school for kids or the starting of post-secondary studies. RESP funds can be used for tuition, accommodations, books or other costs connected to a young adult’s education, so what do you need to know about accessing the funds?

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  • Text reading 'Digital Insurance? Let's talk about digital practices' appears next to a gold-white gradient vector on a white-grey background.

    Digital Insurance Practices?

    While the insurance world has typically not been associated with leading on the technology front, recent world events have created many new developments in the insurance sphere. Read below to learn about how the insurance process has been streamlined and simplified!

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  • A close-up photo of Jenga blocks, with text to the left reading 'Immediate Financing Arrangement: we have your next steps'.

    How to Leverage Life Insurance for Estate Planning Purposes

    Life Insurance can often be the ideal solution to address taxes payable by the estate of someone who has passed away and provide estate liquidity. However, accessing this insurance later in life, can come at significant costs and individuals may prefer to have their money invested in assets other than a insurance policy.

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  • A blog banner for United Way reading 'Give today. Do local good. Show your local love.'

    United Way Community Impact Awards

    Sagium has been involved in workplace campaigns with the United Way for many years now as supporting our community has always been a core value, and helping the United Way to help other Calgarians has been a great way to make an impact. We are honoured to be selected as an award winner, and excited to continue the work in our community.

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