This modern approach was 70 years in the making.

We are born puzzle solvers and proven promise keepers.

Decades ago, we looked at our industry and didn't like what we saw. The industry failed both advocates and investors. A modern and independent approach was required. Now, we wake up eager for a challenge.


Meet John

A Founder's perspective on simplifying a complex industry.

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Service Team

A focus on client needs

Teena and Michelle, along with other vital operations team members, really get things done. They work behind the scenes but are always at the forefront of our workforce and flow.

When we really looked into our industry, we didn’t like what we saw. An independent path was in order.

Rick and John

It began with a hard look at our industry.

  • Gaining scale

    In 2004, we purchased H+P Insurance and Financial Planning business with Rick and John as successors.

    In 2013, Sagium launched to unify our services and expand our story.

    In 2015, we purchased Andrew & Propp and Health Strategies.

  • Quantitative chemistry

    In 2018, We joined up with the wealth management firm Kinsted Wealth. This relationship developed years before based on shared values and a belief in delivering services how we wanted our finances managed.

  • Combating conflicts with character

    Right out of the gates, we needed to target and combat self-serving industry behaviour that was contrary to clients' best interests. Decades later, we continue to battle these forces with a distinctly patient and focused approach. 

    Despite our efforts, this still exists today. Conflicts were firmly embedded in fee structures, legacy procedures, and corporate relationships.

  • Countering self-interest with sensibility

    Do the right thing for clients. It sounds like a simple strategy, but the industry was not ready for this.

    From beginning to end, we needed to be hyper-focused on whatever our client families needed. This business only exists based on an exchange of information built on trust. We share as much about ourselves as we expect of you. Call it a vision, but we think it made sense.

  • We had to take our time

    A considered approach requires patience. A focus on combined growth was more likely to inspire the right things at the right time. This has always been a steady yet driving force of change for a client-focused business—no quick fixes or sales. This new approach required a distinctly patient path that the industry didn't adopt.  

  • Today

    The industry has changed little, yet we continue to deliver wealth counselling better than it has been delivered before.

An inset grey strip for a ball to roll in, on a white background.

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