Private Primary

As a Canadian resident, you have access to public health care covering medically necessary health care services. However, you may find yourself spending time waiting for specialists, appointments or not receiving the level of care you want. Also known as VIP Health Care or  Executive Health Care, Private Primary Care is gaining popularity among the Canadian public.

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Featuring Dr. Rene Sotelo of USC Keck School of Medicine

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Private Primary

Meet Greg

Check out Greg in our recent webinar as he discusses how to plan for medical certainty.

Think of him and our team as your health enhancement experts. They routinely open doors to critical health access not previously available.

Can I use public health care without waiting in line?

How you can enhance your health tomorrow?

  • Reframe your health as your most important asset

    Your health is what is keeping you alive today and is an asset worth protecting. If you dream of skiing black diamonds in your seventies or taking your grandkids hiking, your health must be robust. Investing in your health can help you get to where you want to be now and to better prepare for an active future.

  • Being proactive about private care

    Private Primary Care gives you access to various medical services outside what your public health care provides.  Unlike public health care that provides reactive services, private primary care is proactive. By having high-end physicals customized to you, the health care you receive will be comprehensive and allow your physicians to avoid and detect any severe medical issues early. This is well beyond that ounce of prevention.

  • Comprehensive Annual Physical Exams

    Physical exams with a private primary physician are extensive and take several hours to complete. More insight equals more personalized recommendations and more specific treatment.

  • No Restrictions

    Unlike public health care, your appointments with your private primary physician have zero restrictions on how many issues you discuss per visit. It sounds too good to be true but you too can have open access to appointments that meet your convenience and schedule.

  • Access to On-Site Services

    Most private clinics offer you access to a complete medical team on site. Blood work, dieticians, physiotherapists, nurses, mental health professionals, and more on-site help save you time. 

What are your private options?

If you’re interested in private primary health care, there are several high-quality options available to you. Sagium can help you find the right program for you. 

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