Do you want more control over your health care options? Often, you may find yourself waiting in lengthy lines to see a specialist and get the treatment you deserve.  If you’re looking for a way to access treatments outside of Canada, whether it is down south or overseas, International Medical Insurance is your solution.

Learn about some of the latest advancements in medical treatment in our recent webinar: Operating From the Future: Robotic Surgery 

Featuring Dr. Rene Sotelo of USC Keck School of Medicine

Hosted by our own Greg Guderyan, your group and health benefits expert

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How to access world class health?

Global health coverage with no borders or restrictions

  • How does International Medical Insurance work?

    If you’re interested in venturing outside of Canada for world-class health care, the cost of international services can be pretty shocking. International Medical Insurance can cover the entire financial cost for any medically necessary procedure that you need.

    International Medical Insurance can give you complete control over your health care options. Having access to any hospital or clinic in the world will allow you to choose the top-rated hospitals and centres you cannot receive in Canada. This is health care without ocean borders as your access extends well beyond North America. Actually, this covers you on any of your future oversea adventures.

  • What are the benefits of an International Medical Insurance Policy?

    Never go out of pocket Your insurance will pay your provider directly

    Affordable – Once you purchase your plan, it can be kept for your lifetime 

    Health changes – If your health status changes, your coverage and the premium stays the same

    No interview required – Many plans can be issued without any medical questions

    Pre-existing conditions – After a short period of time, you can be covered for any pre-existing conditions

    Second Opinion Service – Plans provide built-in second opinion services that offer you access to a worldwide network of leading specialists in up to 450 specialties and subspecialties

Truly international coverage

Sagium is a leader in providing expert service and advisement on International Medical Insurance. With several insurance providers and programs available, we can help you to build a cost-effective plan that will protect you, your family, or your employees well into the future.

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