Retirement Advisors

So you’re nearing your retirement. Over the years, as you planned and saved for your retirement, your financial plan and retirement advisor may have changed along the way. A retirement advisor, or Wealth Strategist, can support you during all stages of your retirement planning.

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What are the phases of retirement planning?

  • Retirement Accumulation Phase

    During this phase, an advisor can support you with your retirement saving goals and help you determine how you’d like to spend your time. This phase can span out over decades, and it is important to find an advisor you can trust to help you reach your goals. Your advisor will focus on growing your assets that you can turn into income at a later date. 

    Important questions to ask your retirement advisor include:

    • How do I ensure that my retirement income isn’t subjected to too much tax?
    • Will government programs be limited because I will have other sources of retirement income?
    • How do I make sure my retirement income lasts as long as I do?
    • How can I ensure a lousy investment doesn’t spoil my retirement plans? 

    Typically, your advisor will use linear assumptions in projecting financial outcomes and make adjustments along the way.

  • Retirement Phase

    As your retirement beings, the decisions you and your retirement planning advisor make become more important as you will now start withdrawing money from your investment accounts. The time you spent saving your income during your working years will end, and you will now begin spending those savings. During this phase, not only comes a financial change but a lifestyle change as well. 

    Working with a retirement financial advisor that understands your new financial and lifestyle changes is important. Your retirement advisor needs to be specialized in retirement advising and help you navigate these new changes. 

Get the advice you need

Whether you need advice for your estate, succession plans, accumulation plan, or retirement, having an advisor that takes the time to get to know you and understand your challenges and objectives will lead you to the best financial outcome. Whether you are in the accumulation stage or the retirement phase, an advisor can help you with your goals. Contact one of our Wealth Strategists today to be more secure in your retirement.

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