SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program

Sagium Health is proud to offer the SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program, a new and exciting global healthcare program that will provide Canadians with high-quality and timely healthcare options, over and above what their current provincial program covers.  

SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program

What is it?

The new SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program provides access to the highest quality medical facilities worldwide on a timely basis. This comprehensive plan offers superior benefits and free choice of medical providers anywhere in the world. Covering virtually all medically necessary procedures, if a licensed physician recommends you need treatment, whether it is for knee or hip surgery, cancer treatments, or cardiac care, the VUMI Elite Health Plan will cover almost all of the medical expenses that you incur. 

    What is the coverage?

    • Annual maximum of $1,000,000 CAD per person
    • Annual maximum of $500,000 CAD per person 75 years of age or older
    • $5000 CAD in travel and accommodation expenses included annually
    • Exclusions include purely cosmetic procedures and accidents sustained while competing as a professional athlete

      What are the benefits?

      • Travel well into your golden years, even with current health conditions

        You may be more eager to travel and see the world when you retire, and travel insurance can only go so far. With travel insurance being based on your current health status, you may not qualify for coverage related to a pre-existing condition. The SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program provides peace of mind, knowing you have high-quality coverage on your current conditions or anything that may occur, even when abroad.

      • Access the healthcare you need, when you need it

        Lengthy wait times and delays are a thing of the past. With the SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program, you have access to any medical clinic or hospital in the world. No longer will you need to wait several months or years to be treated in the public system. With the VUMI Elite Health Plan, you can typically be treated within a few weeks.

      • World-renowned medical experts, at your service

        Receive access to leading-edge treatments and therapies around the world. With the SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program, you are eligible for the latest drugs with the best outcomes, regardless of their approval status with Health Canada. The same access to treatment options such as robotic surgery or the latest discoveries in cancer and cardiovascular therapies is available to all insured members.

      VUMI Canada's partnership with Sagium

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Real life experiences with private health care

      What are your private options?

      Whether you are interested in the SAGIUM Enhanced Health Program or other forms of private healthcare, there are several high-quality options available to you. Sagium can help find the right program for you. 

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