Janette Gerow


Janette brings over 16 years of professional experience to Sagium with a strong passion for supporting high-performing teams.

Meet Janette

Often the first face you see when arriving at our office, Janette is a vital member of our team. Loyal, honest, and persistent, Janette is the champion of the underdog and strives to make sure all voices are heard in a room. Janette’s contribution to the office does not go unseen, as she creates value by leveraging her skills and experience as Reception.


Fun facts about Janette:
  • A massive supporter of the performing arts
  • Avid reader and podcast listener
  • Collects vintage brooches and vintage wool blankets
  • Grew up playing Trouble
An inset grey strip for a ball to roll in, on a white background.

I thoroughly enjoy dealing with a wide variety of people and my energetic personality ensures first rate customer service to both clients and colleagues. I am happy to be part of a team that helps others be successful. If you start with a smile, 99% of the time the world will smile back.

Janette Gerow

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