Daniel Koch

B.Comm, GBA

Service Coordinator, Group and Health Benefits

Daniel is a natural-born problem solver who thrives on being a part of a team that challenges each other to look at problems from different perspectives.

Meet Daniel

As Service Coordinator of Group and Health Benefits, Daniel is in charge of ensuring that the advisor team has the tools they need to illustrate concepts and products to their clients. With a wealth of knowledge in both health and dental claims, Daniel is committed to providing top-notch service and claim support. Always learning, Daniel finds the greatest satisfaction when he can help someone understand a new concept or idea.

Fun facts about Daniel

  • Can pick out a tune on ten different instruments, 4 of which he can play fairly well (Violin, guitar, trombone, trumpet)
  • Played with the Delta Youth Orchestra in the Symphony and Chamber Orchestras for 10 years
  • Favourite Board Game: Risk
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Helping people find understanding out of a mountain of information is where I get my greatest satisfaction. Being able to cut out all of the noise and show people a clear snapshot of ‘what it all means’ is what I like doing best.

Daniel Koch

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