Cole Dunlop


Marketing Coordinator

Coles strives as a marketing coordinator to ensure consistency is maintained in our firm’s branding and works to establish positive connections with clients.

Meet Cole

The communication and creativity skills that Cole demonstrates work in a synchronous fashion, both internally and externally. Workplace efficiency is another important trait that Cole brings to the team.  


Fun Facts about Cole:

  • Competed at an international track and field meet in Pennsylvania, where he represented the Northwest region of North America
  • Loves to fly fish 
  • Received the top idea of the semester in his marketing capstone class: Implementing locally supported craft beer vending machines at Calgary events
  • Grew up playing snakes & ladders and yahtzee
An inset grey strip for a ball to roll in, on a white background.

The daily work life can be a challenging experience, so it’s essential to discover your true interests and what you wish to do with the time you have. Marketing has been an excellent experience for me, and I am excited to see what I can do and where it will take me so I can help others.

Cole Dunlop

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