Sagium was created for our clients.

Our approach is specifically designed to help our stakeholders define their future and to provide them with unbiased, strategic planning advice followed by an impartial execution of their plans.   Three perspectives form the foundation of our client-centric philosophy and drive our process.


Words like inspiration, imagination and empowerment are rarely used in the financial industry. We honestly can’t understand it. In our view, this is the whole point and the very reason we are so passionate about our work. Our sincere enthusiasm for counseling our clients to better understand their needs and inspiring them to discover and define a deeper purpose for their wealth, gives us immense fulfillment. Helping our clients imagine new futures and possibilities while providing them with lucidity around their financial plan, is hugely satisfying to us. We take on the important challenges of our clients and place them at the center of the process to empower them with security, clarity and peace-of-mind.



Making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients is our ultimate goal. We believe impact occurs by taking a proactive approach to our stakeholders’ financial futures. What makes us unique is how we accomplish this objective. To us, it’s all about being in the “right” relationship. The industry leads us to believe that success in financial planning is a result of intense analysis and copious study of the products. “How” money is invested, is considered the value of the financial plan. We believe the difference- maker is the focus that is placed on the client’s needs. Of course, we are extremely respectful of brilliant execution, after all, we employ and partner with some of the most capable financial professionals in the business. We believe the true impact and value of our work occurs when we connect the “why” to the “how”. This is our definition of stewardship.



We believe there is a better way. Our view is that every client has one set of needs, often times complex but always best served by receiving counsel based on a holistic perspective of their affairs, yet clients commonly forego the benefits of an integrated approach by employing experts to solve problems in specific areas. Our vision is to provide clients with independent counsel, based on a comprehensive perspective of their position, that coordinates expertise in all executional areas (investment, tax, legal, estate planning and insurance). Sagium is structured to give our clients flexibility; we can lead a team of trusted advisors or equally, lend our acumen as an integrated solution provider to an existing team of advisors. We are committed to innovating in any way that places our clients’ needs first.