Sagium was created for our clients.  We specialize in solving financial complexities that require advanced planning strategies and which often accompany the success of accomplished individuals, affluent families, professionals, business owners and the trusted advisors that serve them. Sagium serves these five groups by leveraging the combined experience of our wealth strategists, chartered accountant, financial analysts and senior partners with over 150 years of cumulative expertise.


You are an accomplished leader in your field, perhaps a business executive or the head of a corporation. You have worked hard at building your career and with your achievements have accumulated assets. You value expertise and quality advice, understanding that as you have increased your wealth, so have you increased the complexity of your affairs. You seek balance between living and saving to allow you to live comfortably now and spend time with your family. You are looking for calibration of your financial affairs where focus and comprehensive stewardship gives you peace-of-mind with regard to your future.


Your financial success warrants a generational horizon for planning. Your affairs have complexity with multiple stakeholders and perhaps even multiple advisors. Your wealth is not only in the form of money but also in the form of intellectual capital. Preserving intangibles such at these and transferring values and experiences are important components of your plan. You desire a resource that has fluency in creating legacy and generational wealth transfer strategies. You seek clarity of vision through an inclusive process that ensures your family stays together.


You are an accountant, lawyer, physician or any professional that doesn’t have the time or desire to do your own financial planning. Your profession is demanding and your desire is to use any free time for family or work life balance. You appreciate the value that can be added to any task by focus and expertise. You understand the long term impact that can be made to your financial future when consistent cash flow is predictable and available for investment. You don’t want to miss any opportunities or incur undue risk. You want to focus on your work, build your practice and enjoy life knowing your future is secure.


Your focus is on the demands of your business. You have complexity in your affairs that create common entrepreneurial challenges; partnerships, liquidity requirements, cashflow considerations and risk mitigation to name a few. You are searching for good, honest stewardship of your hard earned capital through solutions that minimize taxation and maximize the ability to transfer assets out of the corporation. You value hard work, simplicity and the impact a good plan can have on the end result.


You have earned credibility in the market and trust with your clients. Sagium has a strong reputation as a collaborative partner to financial professionals by honouring their client relationships. Our goal is to deliver specialized solutions that enhance the value and complement the strategies you have created. As an independent firm, we have designed our professional partnerships to respect boundaries, prioritize transparency and focus on integration through execution.